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WGC Students Completing Microgreens Study
For two months, members of our team have been teaching students at Seattle's William Grose Center to develop a local microgreens production facility. One of the exercises was to produce a crop in a small container. The adjacent image shows Keyshawn's results.

The seeds were sown and kept in darkness for three days before exposure to sunlight. The result after seven days total was as shown.

Other students with other varieties but under the same regimen had different results. A report on those results and how they can be the basis of a bit of surreptitious STEM learning will be published here soon.

William Grose Center

Hydroponic plants eligible for "organic" label —Court
SAN FRANCISCO (CN) — September 22, 2022— Hydroponically grown crops can be considered organic, a Ninth Circuit panel ruled Thursday, upholding a federal judge’s refusal to bar hydroponic growers from using the label.

The Organic Foods Production Act, on the books since 1990, specifies that farmers must submit an organic plan showing that their practices foster “soil fertility” through techniques like proper tillage, crop rotation and manuring.

Along with the Center for Food Safety, some of the nation’s oldest organic farms sued the U.S. Department of Agriculture after the agency denied their petition requesting a rule that would make hydroponic crops ineligible for organic certification in 2020.

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Evergarden membership system launches
Anyone can become a member of the Evergarden Network™. All it takes is an email address and a desire to participate. Members can post updates via their profiles; updates appear on the profile, and recent updates also appear on our Updates page and on the Home page.

Members receive advance notice of special events in their communities, and subscribing (paying) members can receive discounts or rebates on selected purchases. Rules and procedures for these benefits will be forthcoming later in 2014.

To join, simply click the Register link atop any page of this website. You will need to provide your name and email address (all information received is confidential).