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Co-operative Growing and Marketing

We create and support local growers' consortiums that take orders, and coordinate marketing, sales, and distribution from multiple small gardeners in urban regions, all using our proprietary production, marketing and customer-relations software, based on a decade of practical experience. (MORE INFO)

We offer training on indoor gardening in cooperation with local institutions and non-profit organizations, teaching co-operative growing and marketing organization that helps home-based and entrepreneurs and local non-profit organizations improve nutrition and build income in their communities.

We produce microgreens and mature vegetables hydroponically for sale in the central Puget Sound area.

Our Team

Rees Clark
Managing director, program analyst
Michael Twiggs
Senior gardener; principal educator
Kade Eckert
Consultant, project developer


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The Evergarden Network is a consortium of independent growers of microgreens and other vegetables in urban vertical gardens around the world, who share growing and marketing techniques, procedures and opportunities.